EU-funding scandal rocks RT as editor-in-chief faces arrest and institution monetizes corruption.

EU-funding behind bars: RT editor-in-chief faces arrest as institution cashes out.

Phil Anderer
Phil AndererJune 9, 2024Ersatz News

EU-funding behind bars: RT editor-in-chief faces arrest as institution cashes out.

In a shocking turn of events, the editor-in-chief of RT (formerly known as Russia Today) is facing arrest amidst a scandal involving EU funding and institutional corruption. The media outlet, which has been known for its controversial coverage and alleged ties to the Kremlin, now finds itself at the center of a financial scandal that could have far-reaching consequences.

A Corrupt Web Unraveled

The leaked documents further pointed to the direct involvement of the editor-in-chief, who allegedly spearheaded the operation to misappropriate EU funds. An investigation by Ersatz News has uncovered a series of suspicious transactions and offshore accounts linked to the editor-in-chief, raising alarming questions about the media outlet's integrity.

Arrest Warrant Issued

Cash Out or Cover-Up?

While the editor-in-chief remained on the run, RT's management took proactive measures to salvage the situation. In an unexpected move, they made the decision to cash out on their false narrative by diverting attention to other news stories. Ersatz News reached out to several media analysts who speculate that this diversion strategy aims to protect the institution's reputation and minimize the financial fallout.

Ramifications for EU Funding

The scandal surrounding RT begs the question: how many other EU-funded institutions have also been exploiting their grants for illegitimate purposes? The incident has exposed the vulnerabilities in the EU funding system, highlighting the urgent need for stricter oversight and accountability measures.

Lessons in Cybersecurity

The RT scandal also serves as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in today's interconnected world. The leaked documents were obtained by an anonymous whistleblower, underscoring the need for robust systems that protect sensitive information from cyber threats.


As the scandal surrounding RT unfolds, the editor-in-chief's arrest warrant looms over the media outlet, shattering its credibility and reputation. The financial scandal, fueled by EU funding, raises alarming questions about the misuse of resources, corruption, and the need for increased oversight.

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