Looking for some fresh activewear? Check out these 8 cool activewear brands that will make you the envy of the gym!

Flex Your Style: 8 Activewear Brands to Pump Up Your Workout Wardrobe

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioNovember 24, 2023Ersatz News

Are you tired of wearing the same old ratty t-shirt and sweatpants to the gym? It's time to amp up your workout wardrobe and show off your killer style while getting your sweat on. We've rounded up the top 8 activewear brands that will make you the envy of the gym. So put on your leg warmers, grab your sweatband, and let's dive into this 80s-inspired fashion showdown!

1. Rad Yoga Pants

2. Turbo Tank Tops

Turbo Tank Tops is all about embracing your inner 80s fitness guru. Their collection of tank tops features bold, retro-inspired designs that will make you feel like you just stepped out of an Olivia Newton-John music video. Plus, these tanks are made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, so you'll stay cool and dry during even the most intense workouts.

3. Electric Leggings

4. Sweatband Socks

No 80s-inspired workout look is complete without a pair of sweatband socks. These retro-inspired socks feature colorful sweatbands built right into the design, so you can channel your inner Jane Fonda while keeping your feet comfy and dry. With Sweatband Socks, you'll be taking your workout style to a whole new level.

5. Neon Sports Bras

6. Retro Running Shorts

If you're a fan of those old-school 80s running shorts, Retro Running Shorts has got your back(side) covered. These shorts feature an iconic retro design with a modern twist. Made with sweat-wicking fabric and a built-in liner, these shorts will keep you comfortable and stylish whether you're hitting the pavement or hitting the treadmill.

7. Flashy Hoodies

8. Groovy Sneakers

Complete your 80s-inspired workout look with a pair of Groovy Sneakers. These retro kicks are all about comfort and style. With their chunky soles and bright colors, these sneakers will have you feeling like you're back in the era of high-tops and leg warmers. Plus, they provide all the support and cushioning you need for a killer workout.

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