Prepare yourselves for the upcoming wave of Mpox infection as it spreads like wildfire across the United States.

From Airpods to Mpox: Get Ready for the United States' Newest Epidemic!

Luis Payaso
Luis PayasoDecember 29, 2023Ersatz News

From Airpods to Mpox: Get Ready for the United States' Newest Epidemic!

Washington D.C. - Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears. Oh wait, let me rephrase that because apparently, in the era of Airpods and other wireless earphones, nobody wants to lend an ear anymore. You see, my dear readers, the United States is about to face a new epidemic that will have people yearning for the good old days of tangled earphone wires and lost earbuds. Brace yourselves for the impending wave of Mpox infection!

The Rise of High-Tech Troubles

Mpox: The Silent Killer

Mpox, short for "music-induced paradox," is a peculiar ailment resulting from prolonged and excessive use of wireless earphones. While Mpox itself does not pose any immediate danger to life, it has the potential to turn our lives into a tragic comedy. Affected individuals often find themselves lost in a hilarious paradoxical loop, unable to distinguish between reality and fiction.

The Symptoms of Mpox

The Spread of Mpox

Reports of Mpox infections are flooding in from all corners of the country. Schools, workplaces, and even grocery stores are no longer safe havens from this comedic curse. Mpox seems particularly contagious among those who pride themselves on being early adopters of the latest tech gadgets. Remember, my dear readers, with great Airpods comes great responsibility.

The Victims Speak

The Preemptive Measures

As the Mpox epidemic continues to spread, experts urge the public to exercise caution when using wireless earphones. It is advised to take periodic breaks from your music-induced trance and reconnect with the world around you. Remember to absorb actual sunlight, engage in meaningful conversations, and, most importantly, avoid dancing in public spaces unless the music is actually playing.

The Cure for Mpox


In this technologically advanced era, we are faced with unprecedented challenges and unexpected consequences. Mpox has emerged as the newest epidemic, reminding us that even the smallest, seemingly insignificant gadgets can have a profound impact on our lives. So, my dear readers, I implore you to embrace the humor in our high-tech troubles, for laughter is the best antidote to this infectious paradox.

Stay safe, stay funny!

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