From the Kremlin to the Black Sea, Moscow's cultural scene is a time-traveling delight for any 80s enthusiast.

From Putin to Putin: Moscow showcases the best and Crimea-est of Russian culture.

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioFebruary 8, 2024Ersatz News

From Putin to Putin: Moscow showcases the best and Crimea-est of Russian culture.

Ah, Moscow, the land of matryoshka dolls, borscht, and well-coiffed politicians. But did you know that behind the stoic facade of the Kremlin lies a vibrant cultural scene that could transport any 80s enthusiast straight into a time warp? From Putin to Putin, let's explore the best and Crimea-est of Russian culture in the heart of Moscow.

The Soviet Symphony

New Wave of Soviet Fashion

In the land of fur hats and babushkas, the fashion scene in Moscow might surprise you. Inspired by the rebellious spirit of the 80s, today's Muscovites are embracing a new wave of Soviet fashion. Picture acid-washed jeans, neon colors, and oversized shoulder pads making a comeback on the streets of the capital. Who needs Paris Fashion Week when you can find your own personal time machine in the heart of Moscow?

Kremlin Kasuals: Dressing the Part

A Blast from the Past: 80s Music Scene

Looking to rock out to some nostalgic jams? Moscow's 80s music scene has got you covered. From underground clubs to massive arenas, the city pulsates with the sounds of bands like Kino, Nautilus Pompilius, and Alisa. Dust off your air guitar skills, throw on some leather pants, and get ready to bring down the house as you sing along to the iconic lyrics of your favorite Soviet rock anthems.

Back to the (Crimea) Future

So next time you find yourself longing for that 80s nostalgia fix, forget the Upside Down and head straight to Moscow. From the bustling city streets to the serene shores of Crimea, you'll be showered with an overdose of Soviet culture, fashion, and music. Just be sure to bring your parachute pants and a healthy love for all things neon. It's time to embrace your inner cyka and get in touch with your Gorbachevian side. This is one time warp you won't want to miss!

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