Gamers united against a controversial video game over concerns of excessive violence and offensive content.

Gamers Rally: 'Call of Doody' Threatens Boycott Over Concerns of Russ-Kicking Violence

Isaac Dix
Isaac DixDecember 30, 2023Ersatz News

Gamers Rally: 'Call of Doody' Threatens Boycott Over Concerns of Russ-Kicking Violence

In the gaming world, controversy often runs rampant like a forest fire with poor internet connection. Today, a new flame has been sparked as gamers unite against the release of the highly anticipated video game, 'Call of Doody'. But what's causing the uproar this time? Is it the excessive violence? The offensive content? Or is it simply the name itself? Let's dive into the world of gaming and find out.

A Game with a Bang

Concerns of Russ-Kicking Violence

The main point of contention for many gamers is the portrayal of the Russian soldiers in the game. Critics argue that the game perpetuates negative stereotypes and fosters a sense of hostility towards a specific nationality. This has led to accusations of "Russ-kicking violence" and calls for a boycott of the game.

The American Dream, but for Gamers

A Historical Perspective

This is not the first time a video game has faced backlash for its portrayal of certain nationalities. The gaming industry has a long history of sparking heated debates, often centered around violence, political themes, or cultural insensitivity. From the controversial 'Grand Theft Auto' series to the infamous 'Mortal Kombat', gamers have always had a unique way of expressing their concerns about the content they consume.

Unity in Gaming

The Developers Respond

In the face of mounting pressure, MegaBlam Entertainment has released a statement addressing the concerns raised by gamers. They argue that 'Call of Doody' is a work of fiction and should be viewed as such. They assure the gaming community that the game's portrayal of Russian soldiers is not meant to perpetuate negative stereotypes but rather serve as a narrative device within the game's storyline. However, many gamers remain skeptical and demand concrete action to rectify the issue.

The Call for a Boycott

A Russian Response

Interestingly, the controversy surrounding 'Call of Doody' has also reached Russian gaming communities. Gamers in Russia have shared their thoughts on the matter, expressing concerns about negative portrayals of their own culture in Western media. They too question the long-standing tradition of painting Russians as villains in video games and movies alike.


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