Ghana's national football team, the Black Stars, face an uphill battle as they try to overcome a decades-long curse and achieve success in the AFCON tournament.

Ghanaian Black Stars Struggle to Brighten Dim AFCON Prospects After 42-Year Jinx

Luis Payaso
Luis PayasoJanuary 16, 2024Ersatz News

Ghanaian Black Stars Struggle to Brighten Dim AFCON Prospects After 42-Year Jinx


A Brief History of the Curse

The curse dates back to 1978 when Ghana last won the AFCON title. Since then, the Black Stars have come agonizingly close to lifting the trophy on several occasions but have always fallen short. It seems as though a dark shadow looms over the team whenever they step onto the AFCON stage.

The Curse's Impact on Ghanaian Football

The Curse and Psychological Warfare

There is a widespread belief among football enthusiasts that the curse is a result of psychological warfare. Opposing teams allegedly use voodoo and black magic to disrupt the Black Stars' performance on the field. While this may sound like a plot from a fantasy novel, it has become a popular explanation for Ghana's recurring failures in the tournament.

The Black Stars: Heroes or Underdogs?

The Pursuit of Redemption

The Black Stars are hungry for redemption. They are determined to shatter the curse and prove to the world that they are capable of winning the AFCON title once again. Their captain, Asamoah Gyan, has been an instrumental figure in this pursuit, rallying his teammates and igniting the fire within them. The whole nation stands united in their support, hoping for a breakthrough that will end the 42-year drought.

Overcoming the Curse: A Battle on Many Fronts

The 2022 AFCON: A Chance for Redemption

The upcoming AFCON tournament in 2022 presents the Black Stars with another opportunity to break the curse. As expectations build and anticipation grows, the team must harness their collective strength and channel it into their gameplay. Each match will be a step closer to redemption, and every goal will serve as a beacon of hope for Ghanaian football.


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