In a move surprising to no one, Marc Hermoso expresses his discontent with the Spanish Federation.

Hermoso Raines Down Criticism on Spain's Federation Over Squad Announcement Snub

Luis Payaso
Luis PayasoSeptember 20, 2023Ersatz News

Hermoso Raines Down Criticism on Spain's Federation Over Squad Announcement Snub

A Disgruntled Superstar Speaks Out

Madrid, June 10, 2022

Another Day, Another Snub

The Spanish Federation, known for its rather peculiar decision-making, recently released the much-anticipated squad announcement for the upcoming international fixtures. However, Hermoso's name was nowhere to be found on the list, despite his exceptional performances for his club over the past season.

Hermoso: The Unheard Talisman

"The Federation's Blindness"

In a stunning public display of frustration, Hermoso held a press conference this morning, berating the Spanish Federation for their decision. He criticized their "lack of vision" and accused them of being "blind to his talents" on the field. Journalists in attendance could hardly believe their ears as Hermoso's verbal assault continued.

A Seemingly Endless Monologue

"A Slap in the Face"

One of the most striking moments of Hermoso's press conference came when he described his exclusion from the squad announcement as "a slap in the face." He accused the federation of disrespecting his hard work and dedication to the sport, claiming that he had given everything for the national team.

"I Will Prove Them Wrong"

Federation's Response: Silence

At the time of writing, the Spanish Federation has yet to respond to Hermoso's criticism. It remains to be seen how they will handle this latest controversy, but one thing is for sure: the federation's decision has certainly ignited a fire in the heart of Marc Hermoso, and we can't wait to see how he responds on the pitch.

And that, dear readers, is the story of how Marc Hermoso unleashed his frustration on the Spanish Federation for snubbing him in the squad announcement. As always in the world of football, controversy seems to follow talented individuals like Hermoso. Only time will tell if his outburst will lead to positive changes or if it will further strain his relationship with the national team. Until then, we wait, with bated breath, for the next chapter in this tale of drama and resilience on the football pitch.

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