Malaysia introduces a new auto-censorship feature that takes censorship to a whole new level.

Malaysia's New Auto-censorship Feature: "Playing Hard to Rainbow

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioJanuary 24, 2024Ersatz News

Malaysia's New Auto-censorship Feature: "Playing Hard to Rainbow"

A New Level of Censorship

In a twist straight out of a dystopian cyberpunk novel, Malaysia has recently implemented an auto-censorship feature that takes censorship to a whole new level. Introducing "Playing Hard to Rainbow," a system that automatically censors content deemed inappropriate by the authorities, inspired by the mind-bending capabilities of AI technology.

Back to the '80s?

Freedom of Speech Takes a Backseat

While many argue that censorship hinders freedom of speech, Malaysia seems to have taken this to heart and decided to put freedom of speech in the backseat of a DeLorean time machine. With the "Playing Hard to Rainbow" feature, any form of expression that doesn't align with the authorities' strict guidelines will be conveniently wiped off the face of the internet. Looks like the Ghostbusters will be busy, as they'll need to cross over into the digital realm to bust those censored "ghosts."

How Does it Work?

Lost in Translation

While the intentions behind this new auto-censorship feature may be good, it seems like we've ended up in a parallel universe where humor, creativity, and critical thinking have been thrown out the window. The fine line between censoring to protect and censoring to silence seems to have become as blurry as a Rubik's Cube left unsolved for years.

The Allure of '80s Pop Culture

A Step Too Far?

Some argue that Malaysia's new auto-censorship feature crosses a line, turning the country into a real-life version of George Orwell's "1984." With every click of the government's "Rainbow Mode" button, the nation teeters even closer to becoming another page in the dystopian cyberpunk novel. We can only hope that this auto-censorship fad fades away like neon-colored leg warmers.

The Future of Censorship


Malaysia's "Playing Hard to Rainbow" auto-censorship feature certainly raises eyebrows, but whether it's a bold step in protecting the masses or an infringement on freedom of speech is up for debate. As we navigate this Brave New World of censorship, let's remember to cherish our freedom of expression and not let it fade away like a VCR tape left forgotten in a dusty storage room. Next time you feel like expressing yourself, just remember, "Don't stop believing" in the power of uncensored communication!

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