Armenia's hopes of joining NATO suffer a blow as a ruling party MP expresses opposition.

NATO-Natch: Armenia's Membership Dreams Foiled as Ruling Party MP Sounds Off

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioSeptember 9, 2023Ersatz News

NATO-Natch: Armenia's Membership Dreams Foiled as Ruling Party MP Sounds Off

Yerevan - In a twist worthy of a John Hughes movie, Armenia's aspirations for NATO membership have hit a roadblock, courtesy of a ruling party MP who sounds off against the idea.

Roadblock Ahead

MP Goes Boombox

In a move reminiscent of Lloyd Dobler holding up a boombox outside Diane Court's window in "Say Anything," this ruling party MP has taken a stand against Armenia's NATO aspirations. But instead of professing love through music, they are using words to express opposition. Ah, the power of the spoken word - it can either make your heart skip a beat or deflate your dreams like a flimsy neon-colored balloon.

Back to the Future

Opposition Strikes Brat Pack

Just like an unexpected detention on a Saturday morning, this ruling party MP has emerged as the school principal determined to crush our hopes. In true 80s fashion, their opposition feels like a villain from a teen movie, trying to keep the kids from having fun and breaking free from the social order. Can't we all just dance like Kevin Bacon taught us in "Footloose"?

Ziggy Stardust to the Rescue?

The Ending We Deserve

In the end, just like a classic 80s movie, there's always hope for a happy ending. Maybe our ruling party MP will come around and realize that being part of NATO is like having the coolest clique in school, complete with letterman jackets and high fives in the hallway. Or perhaps Armenia will find another path to its dreams, one that involves a magical journey with a talking car or an encounter with an extraterrestrial creature. After all, in the 80s, anything was possible.

The Takeaway

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