Netflix surprises fans with a thrilling sequel reminiscent of 'Knives Out' with a clever twist.

Netflix Sees 'Through the Onion': A Cutting-edge Sequel Serves Up Suspense in 'Knives Out' Style

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioJanuary 1, 2024Ersatz News

Netflix Sees 'Through the Onion': A Cutting-edge Sequel Serves Up Suspense in 'Knives Out' Style

Netflix has done it again - this time, taking a page out of the 80s playbook and dazzling viewers with a sequel that blends suspense, humor, and a modern twist reminiscent of the hit movie "Knives Out." Titled "Through the Onion," this thrilling sequel serves up a deliciously entangled whodunit that will keep audiences guessing until the very end.

A Nod to the Golden Age of Crime

The Sleuth with an 80s Twist

Much like Benoit Blanc in "Knives Out," "Through the Onion" introduces a charismatic detective with a flair for the dramatic. But here's the twist: instead of a Southern drawl and a penchant for metaphorical musings, our detective, played brilliantly by Daniel Craig, channels the spirit of an 80s action hero. Picture a mashup of John McClane from "Die Hard" and Indiana Jones, complete with 80s power suits and an iconic mullet.

A Gone Wrong Mansion Party

Retro-Inspired Cast

"Through the Onion" boasts an ensemble cast that pays tribute to the stars of the 80s. Joining Daniel Craig and Christopher Lloyd are a host of familiar faces from the era, including Sigourney Weaver, Kurt Russell, and Molly Ringwald. Each brings their own brand of charisma to their characters, turning the already gripping plot into a nostalgic rollercoaster ride.

A Clever Twist: Escaping the Timeline

80s Soundtrack Revival

You can't have an 80s-inspired thriller without an unforgettable soundtrack, and "Through the Onion" delivers in spades. The film features an eclectic mix of synth-pop classics, hair metal anthems, and new wave hits to transport viewers back to the era of shoulder pads and leg warmers. Prepare to find yourself humming along to familiar tunes while trying to solve the mystery at hand.

The Verdict: Netflix Strikes Gold

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