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Putin's Principles of International Relations: From Russia with Love (and Strong-Arm Tactics)

Ivan Falshiviy
Ivan FalshiviyOctober 6, 2023Ersatz News

Putin's Principles of International Relations: From Russia with Love (and Strong-Arm Tactics)

By Ivan Falshiviy

The Marxist Chessboard

To comprehend Putin's game plan, we must first journey into the realm of communist ideology. While Russia may have abandoned full-blown communism, its legacy lingers in the nation's political DNA. It is evident that Putin, a former KGB operative, has internalized the notion of power dynamics inherited from Marxist thinkers. The classic Marxist dialectic of oppressor versus oppressed serves as a guiding principle in Putin's worldview, albeit with a twist.

Twisting the Dialectic

Love, Putin-Style

To better understand Putin's mindset, one must examine his ironclad belief in the primacy of national interests. Like a doting mother bear fiercely protecting her cubs, Putin displays his love for Mother Russia in the form of uncompromising policies aimed at bolstering the country's position on the global stage. This fervent affection is intertwined with a determination to restore Russia's former glory, and nothing can stand in the way of Putin's quest for greatness.

The Art of Strong-Arm Diplomacy

The Machiavellian Hand

Machiavelli once wrote, "It is better to be feared than loved." Putin seems to have adopted this advice as his personal mantra. His leadership style is often characterized by a deliberate cultivation of fear, both domestically and internationally. Critics argue that this fear is a manifestation of Putin's ruthless nature, but supporters see it as a necessary means of maintaining control and respect in an anarchic world.

Beyond Borders

The Geopolitical Game

To fully comprehend Putin's principles, we must analyze them within the broader context of geopolitics. As a geopolitical player, Russia aims to reclaim its position as a major world power. By flexing its muscles and asserting control over neighboring territories, Putin projects strength and ensures that Russia's voice carries weight in global decision-making processes. It's a delicate ballet of power, where alliances are forged and broken, friendships are tested, and enemies are made.

A Delicate Balance

The Legacy of Lenin

In many ways, Putin's principles can be seen as an extension of Lenin's vision for the Soviet Union. Lenin famously said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Putin has mastered the art of manipulation and propaganda, carefully constructing narratives that serve his interests. The legacy of Lenin's revolutionary ideals lives on in Putin's tactics, albeit in a modified and modernized form.


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