Discover the secrets to surviving sibling rivalry and maintaining your sanity, whilst indulging in the wonderfully terrible world of the 80s.

When Sibling Rivalry Becomes Sis-terrible: How to Step Away and Save Your Sanity!

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioMay 23, 2024Ersatz News

When Sibling Rivalry Becomes Sis-terrible: How to Step Away and Save Your Sanity!

Remember the good ol' days when sibling rivalry meant arguing over the last slice of pizza or bickering about whose turn it was to take out the trash? Ah, those were simpler times. But fast forward to the present, and sibling rivalry has taken on a whole new level of sis-terrible!

Embrace the Power of "Ghostbusters"

When sibling rivalry kicks into high gear, consider channeling your inner "Ghostbusters" and embracing the motto: "Who you gonna call?!" Take a moment, pick up that imaginary phone, and dial your own personal "Ghostbusters" squad – the friends who always know how to make you laugh and provide a much-needed escape from the sis-terrible madness. Sometimes, a good laugh with good friends is all it takes to keep your sanity intact.

Take a Chill Pill and Dance Like a Maniac

Find Common Ground à la "The Breakfast Club"

Ah, "The Breakfast Club" – the quintessential '80s movie that taught us the power of finding common ground despite our differences. Whether you're an Ally Sheedy or a Judd Nelson, remember that beneath the sibling rivalry lies the potential for a beautiful friendship. Take a page from the Brat Pack playbook and try to connect on a deeper level. Who knows, you might just discover a shared love for John Hughes films or a mutual fondness for parachute pants.

Create a "Time-Out" Zone with a Touch of "Back to the Future"

Outwit Sibling Trouble with "The Karate Kid"

Who needs Cobra Kai when you can give your sibling rivalry some "wax-on, wax-off" treatment? Channel your inner Daniel LaRusso and outwit the troublemaker using the power of '80s martial arts. Show off those epic crane kicks and surprise your sibling with some newfound moves. And remember, it's not about defeating them physically, but mentally. When your sibling sees how cool and collected you remain in the face of sis-terrible rivalry, they'll have no choice but to respect your newfound awesomeness.

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