Israel's public relations suffer as Netanyahu's world tour raises eyebrows and concerns.

Public Relations Crisis: Israel Concedes 'Netanyahu-Approved World Tour' May Have Been a Misstep

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioNovember 18, 2023Ersatz News

Public Relations Crisis: Israel Concedes 'Netanyahu-Approved World Tour' May Have Been a Misstep

In a shocking turn of events, Israel's public relations took a hit this week as the government conceded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's much-anticipated 'Netanyahu-Approved World Tour' may have been a misstep. This admission comes after growing concerns and raised eyebrows from both domestic and international critics.

A Bold Move or Political Disaster?

"Everlasting Love" Turns into "Everlasting Shame"

Netanyahu began his world tour with great fanfare, accompanied by an entourage of political allies and advisors. The first stop was Berlin, where he attempted to rebuild relations with Germany by gifting Chancellor Angela Merkel a record collection of 80s love ballads featuring artists such as Air Supply and Lionel Richie. While this gesture might have been well-intentioned, it was met with confusion and awkwardness by the German leader.

Crossing Borders, Stirring Emotions

The tour continued with visits to other European capitals, including Paris and London, where Netanyahu hoped to solidify alliances and promote Israel as a global force to be reckoned with. However, his efforts fell flat when he attempted to woo French President Emmanuel Macron with a replica Delorean car from the iconic 80s film Back to the Future. Macron's response was less than enthusiastic, as he was quoted saying, "I appreciate the thought, but I fail to see how a DeLorean can contribute to our diplomatic relations."

A Musical Misstep

"Netanyahu's impromptu musical performance was certainly... memorable," said one UN delegate, struggling to suppress a giggle. "But I'm not sure it was the right venue for a karaoke session."

Fallout and Damage Control

While the Israeli government has yet to release an official statement on the matter, sources close to Netanyahu suggest that he is considering a return to his roots, and is currently in talks with producers for a potential reality TV show centered around his favorite pastime – playing video games on his vintage Atari console.

Lessons Learned... Maybe?

In the meantime, the Israeli government faces an uphill battle to recover from this tumultuous period. It's clear that they'll need to rethink their approach to public relations and perhaps leave the nostalgic 80s references for reruns of Stranger Things.

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