Prepare for a mind-boggling murder mystery sequel that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Knives Out's second installment is coming to Netflix, with a 1980s twist!

'Shattered Glass: "Knives Out" Sequel Slices and Dices with a Netflix Twist!'

Jennifer Pagliaccio
Jennifer PagliaccioMarch 5, 2024Ersatz News

Shattered Glass: 'Knives Out' Sequel Slices and Dices with a Netflix Twist!

A 'Knives Out' Sequel with an 80s Twist

If you thought "Knives Out" was a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue, get ready to be blown away by "Shattered Glass." Directed once again by the brilliant Rian Johnson, this sequel brings back the beloved ensemble cast along with some exciting new additions.

A Stellar Cast Returns

Reprising his role as the enigmatic detective Benoit Blanc, Daniel Craig once again steals the show with his impeccable accent and razor-sharp wit. Joining him is a star-studded cast, including 80s heartthrob Christopher Plummer, who plays the cunning patriarch at the center of a web of deceit.

Solve the Puzzle from your Couch

Thanks to Netflix, you won't have to leave the comfort of your own home to embark on this thrilling murder mystery journey. Settle into your favorite armchair, grab some popcorn, and prepare to channel your inner detective as the suspense unfolds before your eyes.

An Ode to 80s Culture

"Shattered Glass" is more than just a murder mystery; it's a love letter to the vibrant 80s culture. From the fashion choices to the soundtrack, every element is meticulously crafted to transport you back to an era of leg warmers, cassette tapes, and Walkmans.

Unlock the Secrets of "Shattered Glass"

"Shattered Glass" is not merely a sequel; it's an event. With its captivating storyline, stellar cast, and nostalgic 80s twist, this murder mystery promises to keep audiences guessing until the very end. So grab your detective hat, channel your inner Molly Ringwald, and get ready to be enthralled by "Shattered Glass" – an unforgettable journey into a neon-colored world of secrets and suspense.

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